Martha D.
Submitted 05/18/22
Doctors and his assistant

Audrey G.
Submitted 05/16/22
Dr. Cox Solved an annoying pain problem in seconds with a simple fix of a silicone tube over my small toe. Instant relief !!!

Don H.
Submitted 05/07/22
Dr. Cox took the time for a thorough examination of my foot issues and provided me with an accurate diagnosis and treatment program to correct my problem. Three weeks prior to my visit with Dr Cox, I had seen a large orthopedic firm (no names mentioned here) and left undiagnosed with little help for treatment. Wow… big difference.

Frederick P.
Submitted 04/22/22

Heidi J.
Submitted 04/19/22
Always pleasant & helpful

Stephen G.
Submitted 04/18/22
Excellent care–very professional

Brian W.
Submitted 03/23/22
Dr Cox is a WONDERFUL physician and man.He is a caring individual and spends time with his patients.

Thomas G.
Submitted 03/01/22
Always a great experience with Doctor Cox and his mighty wonderful staff have a great day God bless.

Wayne J.
Submitted 02/19/22
He was very helpful and answered all my questions

Gerardo M.
Submitted 02/15/22
It was great to see Dr. Cox, he spent xtra time with me explaining and answered all my questions about my condition. Thank you very much Dr. Cox for providing me with the best of care and thank to your well trained and very professional staff.

John D.
Submitted 02/03/22
Dr cox spends as much time with you and answers all of question’s you have and has sometimes gives recommendations to your questions he is very informed

Richard A.
Submitted 01/22/22
The service WAS EXCELLENT, the best in the world, kudos for they’re professionalism!!! Sincerely Richard Avalos

Roseann R.
Submitted 01/14/22
It is very okay

Martha D.
Submitted 01/14/22
Great staff

Joseph D.
Submitted 01/13/22
I visited AZ Ankle and Foot a few days ago. I found the staff friendly and the Doctor had great “bedside” manner.

Ronald H.
Submitted 12/22/21
I always get great service from Dr. Cox!

David A.
Submitted 12/10/21
Feet feel so much better now with nails trimmed and moisturizer applied

Reymundo B.
Submitted 12/09/21
Great experience.

Robert J.
Submitted 12/01/21
8:30 am appointment. Dr Cox came to the exam room at 10:10 am. Long wait

Jeffrey R.
Submitted 11/30/21
Good and friendly folks

Larry H.
Submitted 11/29/21
Knowledgeable doctor and staff.

Lyndi B.
Submitted 11/27/21
Thank you for your care!

Bobbi Jo D.
Submitted 11/24/21
The staff is amazing, very friendly and knowledgeable.

Josephine C.
Submitted 11/19/21
All the staff are warm and friendly and my Doctor is giving me options rather than telling me this is what I need. Been with them for the past 4 years now.

Jefferey E.
Submitted 11/19/21
Dr. Cox is very friendly, professional, knowledgeable and concerned.

Jennifer B.
Submitted 11/15/21
This procedure is all out of pocket and this visit made me feel like it wasn’t about the money. It was emotionally helpful and informative. Thank you Dr Cox.

Santiago U.
Submitted 11/12/21
Nice people and excellent work i will recommend 100%

Scott S.
Submitted 11/02/21
Professional staff treated me with respect and kindness. They were able to laugh, also. Doctor spent incredible amount of time explaining the pathology in my foot, and how we were going to treat the problem. Extremely pleased with the care i received.

Thomas F.
Submitted 11/02/21
Had Covid symptoms. I showed up but had to reschedule. I was billed for the visit and told they will put me in for a credit to negate the charge.

Edward J.
Submitted 10/25/21
Great staff, friendly environment.

Narissa N.
Submitted 10/13/21
Literally, the only thing that has worked for me.

Larry H.
Submitted 10/12/21
He was running behind schedule but I got my diagnosis and all of my questions answered. All in all a good visit.

Ana O.
Submitted 09/28/21

Kathy S.
Submitted 08/27/21
Dr. Cox thank you, you definitely care and take time with your patients and listen to our needs . I totally appreciate you and your Staff. They are wonderful and very professional. I highly recommend you to anyone!

Beatrice W.
Submitted 08/23/21
Dr. Cox does what he can to avoid surgical intervention if he can. I like that a lot. He’s gentle in his exam. Dr Cox always asks my input in decision making….another plus! Highly recommend!!

Narissa N.
Submitted 08/19/21
Dr. Cox was very informative of the swift machine.

Jose T.
Submitted 08/18/21
Berry good speriense

Mark K.
Submitted 08/17/21
Very good

Donald M.
Submitted 08/16/21
Dr. Cox Is such a Blessing A listening to his spiritual walk Is so encouraging Keep close to God Amen

Carina R.
Submitted 08/10/21
Excelent doctor and people

Ana H.
Submitted 07/24/21
Excellent excellent excellent. Thank you very much Dr. Cox and all your team

Julie B.
Submitted 07/21/21
Staff was kind and professional. I was unable to get any water after waiting 3 hrs to be seen other than that great experience.

Amelia Z.
Submitted 07/21/21
Staff was friendly and made me feel comfortable.

Clara G.
Submitted 07/20/21
Everyone was very friendly and professional I recommend this professional and caring people

Brenda G.
Submitted 06/24/21
My left foot pain is improving thanks to Dr Cox and staff.

Danielle B.
Submitted 06/24/21
Friendly caring dr and staff

Carol G.
Submitted 06/23/21
The wait was extensive. My appointment was 315 I did not get back to see the doctor until 415 or later. Once I was back with the doctor he was effective and efficient

Wayne P.
Submitted 06/19/21
Great doctor, very long wait time. Dr is thorough and does not rush the visit.

Loretta G.
Submitted 06/12/21
Thanks excellent experience.

Gina P.
Submitted 06/08/21
Everything is good but my only problem is the waiting time. My appt is 3:15 but seen almost 5 pm and i have an appt at 6 pm .

Nora M.
Submitted 05/19/21
Dr Cox and staff were very courteous and helpful, will definitely remain a patient if and when a further foot and or ankle problem needs medical attention.

Anthony P.
Submitted 05/13/21
Appreciated the doctor’s expertise in his field and mannersims.

Linda C.
Submitted 04/22/21
Follow-up office visit was good. My third visit. Good doctor, but needs to be more on time.

Maria A.
Submitted 02/11/21
He is good doctor

Sidne G.
Submitted 01/30/21
Good experience

Katrina M.
Submitted 12/19/20
Staff is great. Visit was great. Tried CBD ointment and it works great!!

Carl M.
Submitted 12/11/20
Very professional office. All of the services were well organized and provided in an efficient manner. Dr. Cox explained my options to me along with their cost. When I left the office I noticed my feet felt 100% better following a service they provided.

Sandra H.
Submitted 11/16/20
Everyone is very helpful and kind. Everyone seems to know their job and do it well. The Dr. is excellent, he lets you know what’s what. I would recommend him to family and friends. I’ve already referred him to three people already. They like him too❤️

Armida R.
Submitted 10/20/20
Love the service. The Dr tells you the truth and gives great advice

Donald R.
Submitted 09/20/20
Seems extremely competent and effective. thank you very much for your professional help.

Orson T.
Submitted 09/17/20
Since seeing Dr. Cox in over 4 years, he is very professional, sincere, has taken care of my feet very serious about my health. I have had foot doctors before and I rate him as the the best foot doctor I’ve ever had.

Anna K.
Submitted 09/09/20
After a many years and doctors I finally walk without pain. I truly recommend Dr Cox. Thank you Dr.Cox

Daniela V.
Submitted 07/25/20
Dr. Cox and everyone in the office are great.

Rosa M M.
Submitted 07/20/20
Hi’s a very good Dr. he knows what he’s doing

Shannon H.
Submitted 07/08/20
Always a good experience.

Frederick P.
Submitted 07/01/20
Dr Cox is very knowledgeable and help improve my foot and ankle pain

Jean N.
Submitted 06/02/20
Friendly and accommodating doctor and office staff.

Michael S.
Submitted 05/26/20
Love this place…Dr. Cox is great & the staff is always accomodating. I was in pain & after surgery I have much less pain.

Michael S.
Submitted 05/07/20
I appreciate the professionalism of the doctor and the staff! I also appreciate the fact that they are aware of my insurance coverage and are considerit of the balance between my health care and my health care coverage. Any foot and ankle issues for me going forward; I will go to Arizona Foot and Ankle Specialist LLC Michael Spiller

Ana O.
Submitted 03/04/20
Muy amables y eficientes todo el personal y el dr.Cox excelente

Michael S.
Submitted 01/10/20
Love this place. Dr. Cox is a straight shooter & the entire staff is friendly.

Michele M.
Submitted 12/18/19
Dr Cox was very thorough and really took a lot of time to explain everything and answer my questions.

Suporia R.
Submitted 12/15/19
Doc have more hands on with the patients

John M.
Submitted 12/14/19
Appointment was st 3pm, doctor finally came in at 4:35pm. That’s too long to wait. But the doctor was quite impressive. The most knowledgeable podiatrist I’ve ever spent time with. And despite being way behind schedule he took the time to explain why I was hurting and the plan of treatment. He even examined my shoes. So 5 stars for the doc and 1 star for the wait. I recommend calling patients when they’re that far behind schedule so patients know they can arrive later. I was running errands and could have finished if only I had been made aware of the situation. But I am definitely staying with this place because I was very impressed with the doctor. In the future I’ll call ahead to see if they’re behind schedule and adjust accordingly.

Joanna G.
Submitted 12/13/19
Excellent care and service by doctor and staff.

Elby S.
Submitted 12/12/19
Long wait. Very patient and informative doctor

Benjamin B.
Submitted 12/11/19
It was a long wait to see the Dr..but it was well wearth it .I like when a Dr. Tries to fugue out what’s wrong with you then send you to some other Dr. Thank you for a good experience today..

Eulalia A.
Submitted 12/10/19
Love the staff Cassie was great n dr cox also dr Jessica #1 I’m very satisfied

Joe T.
Submitted 12/10/19
Great doctor great staff

Sandra N.
Submitted 12/04/19
I was given 2 injections in each foot, with very caring staff and a very good doctor.

Claudia C.
Submitted 11/26/19
Dr. Cox was very professional. He explained the procedure thoroughly. The ladies were very nice, Great customer service! I would recommend to family and friends.

Adan R.
Submitted 11/21/19
Son muy amables y me han ayudado con mi problema gracias